Oil Changes & Your Jaguar: What to Know

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Getting to drive home in your Jaguar F-PACE is a turning point for many drivers -- you've transitioned from dreaming about driving this car to actually being able to show it off around town. One thing can dampen your fun, and it's usually the moment your vehicle is due for an oil change. Don't let this critical appointment pass you by or be seen as a disruption to your day; let us help you make the most of this time easily and efficiently.

Why Is Oil So Critical to Your Jaguar Vehicle?

Your Jaguar E-PACE is a powerful machine that was designed for a specific lifestyle, so it only makes sense that you take special care of this car to ensure it lasts you for years. Oil is an essential part of your engine, and it lubricates the working parts to reduce friction and heat, allowing it to do its job. The oil acts as a seal between the pistons, rings, and cylinder walls, and it carries foreign particles from the engine in your Jaguar XF to prevent damage. When your oil heats up, it begins to lose viscosity -- it gets too thick to perform its duties, and your engine is faced with a challenge.

If the oil breaks down, it becomes varnish and could clog and seize the working parts of your engine, plus if it's not thin enough, it could cause your engine to create too much friction, and it will fail to cool it efficiently. If this happens, your Jaguar F-TYPE may overheat, and you're stuck paying the bill to repair the damage.

What Can I Do for My Car?

Whether you follow the routine maintenance schedule or you have special circumstances that require oil changes sooner, you can bring your vehicle to our service team here at Warren Henry Jaguar. Your Jaguar XJ needs a team of trained technicians to care for it because we know whether to use synthetic or conventional oil, plus we have a well-stocked inventory of parts to ensure we never run out of the tools for the job. You can take advantage of our services by scheduling an appointment online or by contacting us here, and we'll be glad to get you in.

Don't let your Jaguar XE suffer by skipping or postponing your oil change -- visit us today and we'll get you back to your routine fast.