Take Care of Your Jaguar Model's Battery & Charging System

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The day you drove home in your new Jaguar F-PACE was one of the happiest days of your life, but reaching important maintenance milestones may have been the last thing on your mind as you cruised through town. One of the oft-neglected parts of your vehicle is the charging systems and battery, which tend to be forgotten until trouble arises.

Being on the lookout for trouble before it leaves you stranded is something every Jaguar F-TYPE owner should know how to do, and it's with our help that so many drivers have avoided inconvenient mishaps related to their battery, starter, and alternator. How do you know if you're having trouble with one of these? We can help you by providing a quick overview of these parts.

How to Spot Trouble

In your Jaguar XF you use the starter when you turn the key and start up that engine. Trouble with this system is usually noticed when the vehicle turns over slower than usual, or it emits a strange, almost low-energy noise when you turn the key. You don't want to put off this problem, and you should contact us immediately for our thoughts.

The alternator is one of the most dreaded things to go wrong with your Jaguar E-PACE, and it's typically noticed when strange electrical behavior begins to happen, such as odd or malfunctioning wipers and headlights. The alternator is what recharges your battery while you drive, plus it works in conjunction with your battery to provide power to these parts. As you can see, it plays a large role in your vehicle.

Experiencing a failure in either of these electrical systems is no picnic, and if you stay on alert for trouble, you can spot signs before they leave you out in the cold. Driving in extreme temperatures can shorten the life of your battery, which tends to last for three to five years, and corrosion on the terminals should be professionally maintained for best performance. If anything seems out of the norm, call us or stop by and we'll help you get in to see our service team.

You can set up an appointment online as well, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and never let a failing charging system or battery catch you off guard again.